Accolades for Cupertinum

The *5 bottle* designation of excellence from the 2014 Espresso Guide will be awarded to the Cupertino Doc Riserva 2007 Cupertinum.  The guide will hit the newsstands on October 2014 where they describe it’s exceptional high quality.

Happy and proud, as the 2013 harvest of Negroamaro begins, there is a spring in the step of the staff of the Cupertinum.  The president Francesco Trono and the winemaker Giuseppe Pizzolante – Leuzzi are expecting another great year for their wines.  This award is the follow-up to 5 wines receiving *4 bottles* in last year’s guide.  Each of these wines are priced at less than half of what one would think when reading the accolades and tasting the result of the finesse which goes into each bottle.  They are the very definition of excellent price to quality. Go taste for yourself.

Cupertinum – cooperative wine cellar of Cupertino
Enoteca del Cupertino
Via Risorgimento Martyrs of 6
Cupertino (Le)

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