bollicineIn Italy the word “bollicine” translates to bubbles and is also used to describe the sparkling wines made in Italy.

In Italy, bollicine is made throughout the country and the production is close to 4 hundred million bottles per year.

This great number is because the habit to sip bollicine continues through special moments of the holidays and becomes an everyday treat, especially during happy hour.

Looking at Alps from west to east, we can see the best areas of bollicine.

Let’s begin with Piemonte, where, in area named Astigiano, there is the production of Asti Spumante, a sweet sparkling wine.

Then, in Lombardia, there is the area close to river Po, the name of this area is Oltrepò Pavese and this is also the name of these great bollicine.

A little to the east, in Lombardia, close to Lake of Iseo, there are the sweet hills of the area named Franciacorta and, of course, also these sparkling wines are named Franciacorta.

In Trentino and the sparkling wines are named TrentoDOC.

Then we arrive in Veneto, in the area of the two towns of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano and here we find the sparkling wine Prosecco.

Not only in the Alps do we find good bollicine, but also in the rest of Italy, especially in Marche, Sardegna, Sicilia.

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