Divine Yellow Gold — The Amalfi Lemon

logo-consorzio-limone-costa-d-amalfi-igpThe Amalfi Coast’s master pastry chef, Salvatore De Riso, is the new ambassador and president of the consortium for the symbol of the Amalfi Coast — the humble Lemon.  With its IGP designation, Limone Costa d’Amalfi IGP, and called Dolce del Sole (sweet sun), it has come a long way from being farmed by hanging on the sides of hills, amongst the rocks and sold on roadside shops.  The quality is high and the lemon is now protected.  Hopefully this will help the consumer to understand the differences and pass up the tons of lemons arriving from South America, etc.  With De Riso at the helm and 300 members aboard, we should count on it.

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