Cantina Ronchi

Province: Ravenna
Town: LUGO
Address: Via Paurosa, 15

Opening time: 8:00am – 12:00am ; 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Closing day: Monday
By appointment: Yes
Group size: 50
Products: Roviano, Borsignolo, Muratto, Dossese, Solatia, Alberico, Gocce di Roviano

The visit is to the whole cantina and Roberto will show every step of the process. The town where Cantina Ronchi is located is close to Ravenna, a town which should be visited and savoured.Also Lugo deserves a visit; its historical center is very charateristic and charming. We suggest to plan your visit on Wednesday, so that you do not miss the weekly market, so crowded and so unique. Among the monuments, please, do not miss Rocca Estense and Teatro Rossini.

But Lugo is famous also because there Francesco Baracca was born. And, you ask now, who was Francesco Baracca ? He was the hero of First World War as so and so clever he was as pilot of his plane. The symbol of his plane was the Climber Horse and is now, as you know the official symbol of Ferrari. Lugo IS Romagna and Romagna is a land to discover !

Cantina Ronchi was founded more than 50 years ago and, always, tradition and innovation walk together in a sweet way.All the wines are very good; you should not miss Gocce di Roviano.It is a very charateristic red wine, a blend between Sangiovese and Burson and what Burson means is something you will ask Mr. Roberto, your nice and kind guide for your visit. Taste it, please, then drink it later, at home or at dinner with a very good fiorentina beef. The name of the wine Gocce meaning drops. I suggest to taste it at little sips, enjoying it ! Then, you will thank us, ask to taste Roviano – a chocolate. Yes, it is so: Roviano is also a cioccolatino and its inner part are drops of the wine. Oh, my God: wonderful.