montasioFrico (fried) Montasio is conquering the United States.  Exports tripled last year. Montasio cheese DOP has established himself as one of the stars at the San Francisco Fancy Food, the largest exhibition in the United States has just ended. The DOP cheese from Friuli has indeed gone a bit crazy between tastings, new recipes interpreted by overseas chefs and wine reviews from magazines. All this confirms the growing interest of the international Montasio DOP on the tables. With massive promotional activities undertaken in the last year, sales have tripled for Montasio DOP, recording a boom in sales in the United States. Frico Montasio in particular drew the attention of the most successful chefs and TV celebrities. Very pleased with these results, the president of the Consortium of Montasio, Franco Panciera that says: “These achievements have been possible thanks to hard work by us and thanks to support of the European Union and the Ministry of Agriculture who believed in the potential of Montasio DOP”.
Here is a Frico how-to courtesy of Saveur.

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