Vigne Matte

vigna matteVigne Matte was created with love and passion by Giovanni Rui, an entreprenuer from Veneto who fell in love with the hills in Prosecco, particularly those above Conegliano.  In 1998 he purchased the Rolle holding.  Here there are wonderful vines exposed to the sun which produce superb grapes.  The cellars are almost entirely dug out of the hills, where they use cutting-edge technology and quality control, beginning with the vines and ending with the creation of an extraordinary wine, unique on the Prosecco scene.  A visit to Vigne Matte will reward you with a beautiful landscape on the highest hill in Rolle, an area which has been dedicated to wine since the 18th century and is completely sculpted by vines where nature and the sweat of hard work combine to create a special harmony.

The cellars are open all year long and are well-organized for visits.
Vigne Matte
Via Tea, 8
Rolle-Cison di Valmarino (Treviso)